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Project Description
Oplaco is based on the original Microsoft Classifieds Starterkit. We try to evolve from the starterkit and produce a well documented framework and will try to add new functionality to the system.

Our first sample website is up and running. Please remember that it is still using much of the original classifieds code. This means that the site is not WCAG and/or W3C compliant. The site works best in Internet Explorer 7 and higher.
Also, there are still some bugs to be fixed.

You can find the example site here

We will not develop any more on this open source version of the project. Please feel free to do whatever you want with it. Our focus is now on the commercial version.

Planning (we have much more in our scope, but let's start with the following)

  1. Create a framework (move all App_Code to libraries), Framework IIS7 compliant (included in current release) (Done) 
  2. First release around mid november. We will test the software till mid/end december and go into production after the test period (This should be the first real stable release)
    • Integration of enterprise library 5.0, 
    • Website should be W3C compliant (WCAG nice to have) 
    • Localization
    • Move everything (framework and website) to .Net 4.0 (Done)
    • Faster registration process (Done)
    • Post Ad
      • Shorten the flow from 3 steps to 1 step
      • Remove limits on ad days (let admininstrator set the limit, nice to have)
  3. Process and flow optimization. release to be anounced   
    • including twitter connect
    • Expansion of MyShop concept
    • Post ad including detailed features for each category
    • Add spatial data support (Geo info) 

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